Georges Gurdjieff once referred to humanity as “food for the moon”, explaining that our existence is part of a large magnetic field, constantly pulling and feeding. Whatever we do, whatever choices we make, however long we live, we will eventually be consumed by our surrounding atmosphere for the sake of its vitality, conscious or not. This vitality is powered by the sun, at the heart of the cycle, which projects heat and light onto the atmosphere, bounced back to us by the reflective moon. This is nature. We are all mirrors.

“Food for the Moon” is an experiential video installation exploring small moments of that magnetic field. Through atmospheric shifts in a dark room, can we begin to understand our cyclical relationship to everything that surrounds us?

Please feel free to take your shoes off and tread on our elements, here for your sensory consumption. Though they are human-oriented and manipulated, they are nature-made and still floating along in space beside us and everything else. 

Made in collaboration with Jenn Ruff & Nic Koller, presented by The Tank for "Spatial Film"

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